4 Easy Ways That Help You Improve Your Vocabulary



Learning new, different words each day is a both pleasurable and profitable experience. According to a research,

At least fifteen minutes a day of concentrated study on a regular basis can bring about a rapid improvement in your vocabulary skills, which in turn can increase your ability to communicate by writing, conversing, or making speeches.

Building a strong vocabulary benefits you in both school and workplace.

Below are some ways that help you improve your vocabulary:


Read, Read, and Read

Reading is the key to improve your vocabulary. When you read novels, literary works, magazines and newspapers, you get exposed to new words. You get familiar with a proper sentence structure that helps you write well. You come across a combination of words that narrate you a different tale about all the core aspects of life. You get aware with the different terminologies and their contextual meanings. You come to know the whys and hows of each topic which incites you to read and explore the world of knowledge a bit more.

The sense of empowerment that reading gives you, is unparalleled. Nothing in the world can give you the same sense of fulfillment in life that reading gives you. Each time you open a book or magazine, you feel a certain sense of satisfaction that boosts up your confidence level. A desire to know more and more evokes in your heart, and you end up reading many books and novels.

Keep a Dictionary and Thesaurus Handy

You must be completely aware of the reason that why keeping a dictionary and thesaurus is so important for your life. Dictionary is a collection of words and their meanings. When you open up a dictionary, you come across a sea of words ready to give you a variety of interpretations. Therefore, a dictionary is one of the most important stuffs that you should carry with yourself. You can use any versions of it, either in print, software or online, but make sure you ‘carry’ it.

The joy that you get after making yourself equipped with words, their meanings and pronunciation is matchless.

Same is the case with thesaurus. It contains a plenty of words in a group of synonyms and related concepts. It is more like an extensive form of dictionary since it provides you antonyms along with synonyms.

That’s why keeping both dictionary and thesaurus is so important to improve your vocabulary.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is one of the key factors as you can mention allthe newly learnt words in it and refer back to them whenever you feel the need or desire to read them. It will let you build your everyday vocabulary in a better way. It will enable you use more and more new words in your daily conversations and get the title of being a highly educated person.

In order to explore and learn more new words each day, you need a positive reinforcement. It will provide you that kind of reinforcement.

Along with merely writing words, if you use them in the sentences and write those sentences, too, in the journal, then its a plus. It will allow you to tap into your creative zone and bring something new and innovative.

Learn One Word a Day

Another way to improve your vocabulary is by instilling different words in your mind each day. It will also help you lessen the burden that comes unconsciously with the thought of doing or completing a task.
It will let you use a word-a-day website or calendar to develop your own list of website to words. This is a really good technique that helps people improve their vocabulary but some people consider it a rigid method that kills the creativity of an individual.

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