4 Important Tips to Improve Your Spoken English

Improve Your Vocabulary


It is a dream of every non-native speaker of English to gain fluency in English. He tries his best to improve his spoken English. So, we also thought to help him out by giving him some tips to improve his spoken English. Want to know the kind of advices that we gave him? Read below:

Speak, Speak, Speak!

The best way to improve your spoken English is by speaking as much as you can. Just be confident and speak what comes in your mind. Convey your ideas and thoughts to the other people, express your views about different issues and share your opinions with others so that you can have a healthy conversation with others. Do not ever be afraid to make mistakes. Just remember this that the more you will practice this art of speaking, the better you will become. You need to keep in your mind that speaking is a skill that you will acquire by practice and determination. You will face some difficulties in the initial phases but then with the passage of time, you will become a pro. Just do not get disappointed from yourself if you make errors because making errors is a part of learning process. One cannot learn without making errors. So, just be relaxed and start speaking as much as you can.

Use Technology

Using technology is a smart way to improve your speaking skills. You can download many apps in your smart phone that can help you in your spoken English. Apart from that, you can use your smart phone to record yourself speaking to other people and then listen it back to get an idea of where do you really stand. Make the most of all these tools to help yourself improve your spoken English.  Organize your practice time and note down what you have learnt the whole day in the language. Try to use new words daily while speaking English. It will help you in the long run, and will also enhance your vocabulary.


Listening to songs and news bulletins in English will give you an idea of new words, and how these words are woven together to form a new sentence. It will also teach you new words and expressions along with their accurate pronunciation. Knowing the pronunciation well helps a lot in spoken English as it prevents you from a being a subject of joke in front of those who are pro at English. Apart from that, it also helps you learn in a better way. So, just listen and copy what you have listened. It will improve your pronunciation and guide you about those words that are stressed. Go for it.

Read Out Loud

Remember the time when our teachers used to ask us to read loudly? That was because they wanted us to concentrate on words and their pronunciation. Reading out loud helps you a lot in improving your speaking skills as while reading, we focus more on pronunciation instead of grammar, punctuation or sentence structure. So, if you want to improve your spoken English, make sure you read out loud to yourself. Even you can try this trick when you are with your family members. Read them magazine or newspaper so that they can also rectify you when you commit any mistake.

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